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Townhouse City
Thor MiniaturesThor Miniatures is proud to present it's new terrain elements. Our new modular...
War has come to Africa!
Thor Miniatures  War has come to Africa! With that great terrain element you will be able to bulit small arabian
  • Buy Gamming Terrain
    Awesome Thor Miniatures Studio minis. They are compatibile with most wargames systems, 1:60 scale (28mm) and cast resin. They are sold with bases.
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  • Buy Bases
    All kinds of wargame's bases from Thor Miniatures Studio. They are perfect for your army! You will find ruin bases, cobblestone bases and more.
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  • Buy Decals
    Decal sheet set for Thor Miniatures Studio enchances your miniatures paint workshop. From now on you will be able to personalise your minis.
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