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Missile Cannon
Thor MiniaturesNew product - Missile Cannon. This kit contains 1 resin Missile Cannon model. Ideal for use with 28-32mm scale miniatures.
Thor Miniatures It's been a while since the last time we posted. Many interesting items are being designed. In July/August period we are going to show you many...
  • Buy Gamming Terrain
    Thor Minitures produces high quality HDF terrains in 28mm scale to tabletop wargames. Ruins, buildings, walls, obstacles and more.

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  • Buy Bases
    All kinds of wargame's bases from Thor Miniatures Studio. They are perfect for your army! You will find ruin bases, cobblestone bases and more.
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  • Buy Decals
    Decal sheet set for Thor Miniatures Studio enchances your miniatures paint workshop. From now on you will be able to personalise your minis.
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