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Gothic Ruins #1

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Gothic Ruins #1. Casted in HDF.

Item Specification

- width 70mm
- height 44mm
- scale 28mm / 1:48

Be ready for revolution in gaming terrain! Thor Miniatures presents our new High Quality 3D gaming terrain. These ruins are a masterpiece we are especially proud of. It took a lot of effort and planning to made them, and well - try them for yourself, you won't be dissapointed.

Gothic ruins like these can be used on both World War tables and SF ones. Gothic style is especially popular in one of the most popular game systems ;)
Whatever your game is, our ruins and terrain elements will fit in perfectly!

Take notice:
Set is delivered unassembled and unpainted. White PVA glue is recommended for use.
Some parts have very fragile connections that prevent them from falling out of the frame. It's best to cut them out before assembly to make sure nothing is going to break when pushed out of the frame.