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Professional Paint Station + Cutting Mat

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Professional Paint Station 36mm.

Paint Station was designed especially for painters and modelers. Two dedicated rows allow you to organize up to 21 paints for quick and efficient use. Apart from that our newest modeler "must-have" offers a dozen holes that will hold your brushes, nail files, knives etc, also 2 separate water container place is available (keeps you safe from the "wrong cup! drink accident ;) safety first! ).
Paint Station is an obligatory product for anyone who wants to keep their hobby space tidy and in orderly fashion.

Cutting mat showed on image only as example. Mat delivered with product can change specs or appearance in minor way.

21 holes for bottles with a diameter of 36mm
18 holes for brushes
2 holes for water container
1 Cutting mat

Dimensions Paint Station: 49 cm x 28 cm x 5 cm  

Paint Station fit to following paints and many others with similar diameter: Citadel, Tamiya, AK Integractive, AMMO MIG Jimenez...

The Paint Station does not include accessories, pictures just shows a sample of equipment.

Take notice:
Set is delivered unassembled and unpainted. White PVA glue is recommended for use.
Some parts have very fragile connections that prevent them from falling out of the frame. It's best to cut them out before assembly to make sure nothing is going to break when pushed out of the frame.