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Stone Wall #1

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Stone Wall. Casted in HDF.

Stone walls were used by European civilization since the discovery of masonry. No matter what historical or si-fi system you are playing these will make a nice addition to your battlefield. A part of elegant secluded manor or simply village wall - these elements allow you to create the battlefield you need.

A set of stone wall elements made from HDF. Different elements can be connected for various set ups. 

Take notice:
Set is delivered unembarrassed and unpainted. Best connected with white PVA glue.
Some elements have very delicate connections that prevent them from falling out of the spruce. It's best to cut them our before assembly so nothing is broken while pushing these out. 


- length 220mm
- width 18mm
- height 40mm
- scale 28mm
/ 1:48 / 1:56

- product unoriginal
- not painted