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Wild West Gallows

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Western Gallows. Casted in HDF.

Gallows were one of the most important city points in pre-modern civilization. From middle ages, trough colonization to french revolution this public punishment was entertainment, justice enforcement and law reminder in one place.
Our new terrain element will fit perfectly into any western civilization themed table. No matter if you plan a bunch of western bandits to free their coleague or your medieval fantasy knights are about to hang an elf rebel - our gallows are ideal for the job!

Take notice of the movable trap door!

- width 112mm
- depth 140mm
- height 153mm
- scale 28mm

Set include:
1x gallows
1x twine
1x cord

1x assembly instruction

Take notice as well:
Set is delivered unassembled and unpainted. White PVA glue is recommended for use.
Some parts have very fragile connections that prevent them from falling out of the frame. It's best to cut them out before assembly to make sure nothing is going to break when pushed out of the frame.