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Blacksmith Set

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Western Coffins - prepainted. Casted in HDF.

Item Specification:

Who is the most important man in town? Sheriff? Shop owner? Undertaker (well probably but it's not his business we are after today). It's the blacksmith!  Horses need him, farm tools need him, even bandit weaponry needs him! No matter if you plan to play in a well established western town, a small outpost or a rebel/bandit hideout this terrain piece will fit perfectly!
Also please take note a blacksmith workshop is not only limited to western themes. All medieval, fantasy or napoleonic games can use these with great effect during battles!  

- height 59mm
- width 28mm
- depth 15mm
- scale 28mm

Take notice:
Set is delivered unembarrassed and unpainted. Best connected with white PVA glue.
Some elements have very delicate connections that prevent them from falling out of the spruce. It's best to cut them our before assembly so nothing is broken while pushing these out.