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Wild West U.S. Marshal Jail

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Westersn U.S. Marshal Jail. Casted in HDF.

Each city needs it's lawmen for protecton and help. And each lawman needs a place to put in the bad guys! Hence we present a budling that will be an important piece of ambushes, escapes and shoot outs - Marschal Jail!

Strudy and easy to assemble - these features are the symbol of any house bulit on the Wild West. They also characterize our new line of buldings aimed at allowing players to recreate budlings from that time. No matter if you plan to use it as a small outpost in the mountains or bulid a striving city - this terrain piece is something for you. The buldings of that new line fit best onto the Secession War or Wester / Steam Punkt battle tables. 

 length 165mm
- width 115mm
- height 130mm

- not painted, not texture
- scale 28mm

Take notice:
Set is delivered unembarrassed and unpainted. Best connected with white PVA glue.
Some elements have very delicate connections that prevent them from falling out of the spruce. It's best to cut them our before assembly so nothing is broken while pushing these out.