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Wild West Dry Goods

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Westersn Dry Goods. Casted in HDF.

Sturdy and easy to assemble - these features are the trademark of any house built in the Wild West. They also conceptualize our new series of buildings with goal to allow players to recreate architecture from that time. No matter if you plan to use it as a small outpost in the mountains or build a striving city - this terrain piece is something just for you. The building of that new line fits the best into the Secession War or Western / Steam Punk battle tables. 

 length 155mm
- width 115mm
- height 150mm

- product unoriginal
- unpainted, without texture 
- scale 28mm

Take notice:
Set is delivered unassembled and unpainted. White PVA glue is recommended for use.
Some parts have very fragile connections that prevent them from falling out of the frame. It's best to cut them out before assembly to make sure nothing is going to break when pushed out of the frame.